Andy Desmond aka Miten

Andy Desmond aka Miten is a British musician born in Woking, Surrey, August 1947.

Miten in concert, Munich, Oct 2010


Desmond founded the folk/rock duo Gothic Horizon with musical partner Richard Garrett in the late 1960s. The band released two albums on UK Argo : The Jason Lodge Poetry Book ( 1971 ) and Tomorrow Never Knows (1972 )[1]

In 1973/74 he began performing solo and became part of a stable of folk musicians which included Tom Robinson, Claire Hamill and Café Society, who were signed by Ray Davies to his record label Konk Records. Desmond subsequently released Living On A Shoestring on Konk, featuring members of The Kinks and produced by Dave Davies and a fellow Kink member, keyboardist John Gosling.[2]

During this time Desmond became established in the UK as a singer/songwriter of note and was subsequently signed to Ariola Records in London. Ariola released Andy Desmond in 1976 - an album containing 10 self composed songs, produced by legendary Los Angeles producer Bones Howe.[3]

At the time of its release Desmond had become a stalwart on the British rock scene, opening for Fleetwood Mac,[4] Randy Newman, Hall and Oates, The Cate Brothers, The Kinks and many others. He was invited by Fleetwood Mac to be their special guest on their UK Rumours Tour, and opened for Ry Cooder on his 1978 European tour.

Disillusioned with the rock world and his destructive life style, Desmond went on to explore meditation and Eastern philosophy. He was initiated into ‘sannyas’ in 1980 by controversial Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and given the Sanskrit name Prabhu Miten meaning 'Friend of God'. He spent many years in India at Osho's ashram in Pune, recording and producing the album 'In Wonder' - a tribute to his Guru and spiritual guide. It was during this time Miten met record producer John Leckie who, in the ashram, was known as 'Nagara'. The two became life-long friends, resulting in many collaborations, most notably on the album 'Blown Away' for Prabhu Music.[5]

Desmond now tours the world with his musical and life partner, Deva Premal, whom he met in India at Osho's ashram in 1990. The couple, known as Deva Premal & Miten, are well known in the world of alternative spirituality and yoga for their chanting of Indian Sanskrit mantras and for Desmond’s spiritually inspired songs. Yoga International featured the duo in a 2009 article on Yoga Rock Stars: "They are the Johnny and June Carter Cash of sacred music, with more than a dozen albums and a fan base that includes both Cher and the Dalai Lama."[6] They have collaborated with motivational speaker Anthony Robbins,[7] best selling author Eckhart Tolle, and rock icon Cher, who covered their version of the ancient prayer The Gayatri Mantra on her Farewell Tour in 2002.[8]

Deva & Miten's record company, Prabhu Music, reports CD sales in excess of one million, and the couple travel the world continually with Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose, playing up to 25 countries in the space of a year.




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