Andrzej Trzebicki

Andrzej Trebicki

Andrzej Trzebicki (November 23, 1607 – December 28, 1679) was a nobleman and priest in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Deputy Chancellor of the Crown from 1652, bishop of Przemyśl since 1655, bishop of Kraków since 1658.

Loyal to king Jan Kazimierz Vasa, accompanied him during his exile and eventual return in The Deluge. Enemy of Protestants, his influence contributed to the exile of Polish brethren in 1658.

Preceded by
Stefan Koryciński
Deputy Chancellor of the Crown
Succeeded by
Bogusław Leszczyński
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Jan Zamoyski
Bishop of Przemyśl
Succeeded by
Stanisław Sarnowski
Preceded by
Piotr Gembicki
Bishop of Kraków
Succeeded by
Jan Małachowski

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