Andrey Vladimirovich Kolesnikov

Andrey Vladimirovich Kolesnikov (Russian: Андрей Владимирович Колесников) is a Russian journalist, an author of a series of books about Anatoly Chubais.

He worked in Izvestia, and since 1988 he had been a deputy editor of The New Times (Russia). He is also a columnist for Vedomosti.[1]


Born to a family of lawyers. Graduated from the Moscow State Faculty of Law юридический факультет МГУ (1987).

From 1995 — works for the «Новое время» — The New Times: journalist, deputy editor, from January 1998

From 1998 — works for the newspaper «Известия»: from June — September 1998 — editor of the economics department; in September 1998 — January 2000 — editor of politics; from January 2000 — political journalist

He was awarded with national prizes Adam Smith.[1]

His brother, Sergey Kolesnikov, was a Kremlin speechwriter.[2]



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