Andrew N. Robertson

Dr Andrew Robertson (born 1974) is a British actor best remembered for his performances in The Cement Garden and the Gormenghast series.

He is also a musician and academic, fronting UK-based band Truck, and has published work on automatic accompaniment for rock music at the conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression.

In May 2009, Robertson was awarded a research fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering for his work on digital music.[1] Robertson is currently a research student at Queen Mary, University of London at the Centre for Digital Music specialising in interactive real-time musical systems.[2]

In January 2011, Robertson developed software called "B-Keeper" which would allow drummers in rock bands to enhance their live performances.[3]

Robertson is also a member of a band playing mainly space rock music called Higamos Hogamos which trialled the "B-Keeper" software that he developed.[4]

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