Andrej Sládkovič

Andrej Sládkovič

Born 30 March 1820
Krupina, Habsburg Monarchy (now Slovakia)
Died 20 April 1872 (aged 52)
Radvaň nad Hronom, Habsburg Monarchy (now Slovakia)
Other names born as Andrej Braxatoris
Religion Evangelic

Andrej Sládkovič (born as Andrej Braxatoris, pseudonyms Andrej Braxatoris-Sládkovič, Andrej Sládkovič, Ondřej Krasislav Sládkovič, 30 March 1820, in Krupina (Korpona) – 20 April 1872, in Radvaň near Banská Bystrica) was a Slovak poet, critic, publicist and translator.


He was born to the teacher's family in Krupina. He studied at his home town (1826–30), in Peretvönyi (1830–31), later attended gymnasium in Krupina and Evangelical lyceums in Banská Štiavnica (Selmecbánya) (1839–40) and Pressburg (Pozsony, present Bratislava) (1840–1842) and finally studied theology at the University of Halle (1843–44). He became subsequently a pastor in Hrochoť (Horhát) (1847) and from 1856 until his death in Radvaň nad Hronom. He was a member of the Štúr's group and was also one of the founders of the Matica slovenská.


Sládkovič also translated works from German (J. W. Goethe), Russian (A. Pushkin) and French (Voltaire, Jean Racine).

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