Andrea Adami da Bolsena

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Andrea Adami da Bolsena (30 November 1663 22 July 1742) was an Italian castrato, musician later secretary to Cardinal Ottoboni.

Bolsena was born in Bolsena. Until 1690 he was serving the former queen Christina I of Sweden, like Archangelo Corelli and the cellist Filippo Amadei. They performed in operas by Flavio Carlo Lanciani (1667-1706) and Alessandro Stradella.

Through the influence of and being the favourite of Cardinal Ottoboni he was appointed master of the papal choir in 1700.[1] He left a history of this institution, with portraits and memoirs of the singers (in the Sistine Chapel), under the title of "Osservazioni per ben regolare il coro dei cantori della Cappella Pontificia" (Rome, 1711).

He was reportedly highly esteemed by the Romans for his personal as well as his musical gifts. He helped his nephew Lionardo Adami becoming the librarian.[2] He died in Rome.

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