André Étienne d'Audebert de Férussac

Baron André Étienne Justin Pascal Joseph François d'Audebert de Férussac (30 December 1786 – 21 January 1836) was a French naturalist best known for his studies of molluscs. (Two of his given names are sometimes spelt Just or Juste instead of Justin, and d'Audibert, d'Audebard, or d'Audeberd instead of "d'Audebert".)

He was born in Chartron, near Lauzerte in the province of Quercy (now in Tarn-et-Garonne), the son of Jean Baptiste Louis d'Audibert de Férussac and Marie Catherine Josèphe de Rozet, and was professor of geography and statistics at the École d'état-major in Paris.


Férussac named and described numerous taxa of gastropods, including:

Various other taxa were named in honor of him, including:


Férussac's works include:

He was also, from 1822, the editor of the Bulletin général et universel des annonces et des nouvelles scientifiques.


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