Ancona railway station


View of the platforms.

View of the platforms.
Location Piazza Carlo e Nello Rosselli
60100 Ancona AN
Ancona, Ancona, Marche
Coordinates 43°36′26.76″N 13°29′51.96″E / 43.6074333°N 13.4977667°E / 43.6074333; 13.4977667Coordinates: 43°36′26.76″N 13°29′51.96″E / 43.6074333°N 13.4977667°E / 43.6074333; 13.4977667
Elevation 3 m (9.8 ft)
Operated by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Line(s) Bologna–Ancona
Distance 203.996 km (126.757 mi)
from Bologna Centrale
Platforms 7 (13 tracks[1])
Train operators Trenitalia
Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori
  • Urban and suburban buses
Other information
Classification Gold
Opened 1861 (1861)
Location within Marche

Ancona railway station, sometimes called Ancona Centrale,[2] is the main railway station of Ancona, Region of Marché (the Marches). It is the most important station of the region and is owned by the Ferrovie dello Stato (FS), Italy's state-owned railway company.


The station was opened on 17 November 1861 upon completion of the railway line from Bologna. The original structure, built in similar style to that of Bologna Centrale, had been heavily damaged during the Second World War and was rebuilt a few years after that.


Ancona's station building comprises two floors; the upper floor is used by Trenitalia as railway offices. The station is located at Piazza Rosselli, in front of the docks. It hosts two small cafes, a newsagent outlet and several retail stores. An Indian restaurant across the road of Ancona station remains open till late; it is a good place to wait for late evening and overnight trains, as shops or food places in the vicinity would be closed.

The station is a principal stop on the Adriatic Railway which runs along the east coast of Italy. There is a junction for a short line to the seaport at Ancona Marittima station.

Train services

As a principal station, most long-distance trains - high-speed (Freccia, formerly branded Eurostar Italy) and Intercity (day and overnight) - call at Ancona. Additional high-speed trains operated by NTV-Italo run between Milan and Ancona during the summer months.

The following services call at this station:


Intercity and Overnight


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Notes and references

  1. 9 crossing tracks and 4 terminals
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