Ancient Diocese of Hamar

For the current Church of Norway diocese, see diocese of Hamar.
Diocese of Hamar
Dioecesis Hamar
Bispedømme Hamar

The old cathedral of Hamar
Country Norway
Ecclesiastical province Niðaros
Metropolitan Niðaros
Denomination Roman Catholic
Sui iuris church Latin Church
Rite Roman Rite
Established 1153
Cathedral Old Cathedral of Hamar

The former Norwegian Catholic diocese of Hamar existed from 1152 to the Protestant Reformation. The see was at Hamar, and the diocese included the (modern) counties of Hedmark (except Solør, Odalen and the northern part of Østerdalen), Oppland (except Valdres), and the middle part of Buskerud (the traditional districts Numedal and Ringerike). It also included some parts of Telemark (the modern municipalitites of Hjartdal, Notodden, Seljord, Tinn and Vinje).


It was formed in 1152 out of the diocese of Oslo, when Arnold, Bishop of Garðar, Greenland (1124–1152), was appointed first Bishop of Hamar. He began to build the now ruined cathedral of Christ Church, which was completed about the time of Bishop Paul (1232–1252).

Bishop Thorfinn (1278–1282) was exiled and died at Ter Doest Cistercian Abbey in Lissewege, Flanders. Bishop Jörund (1285–1286) was transferred to the archdiocese of Trondhjem. A provincial council was held in 1380.

The last Catholic bishop, Mogens Lauritssøn (1513–1537), was taken prisoner in his castle at Hamar by Truid Ulfstand, a Danish noble, and sent to Antvorskov in Denmark, where he was held until his death in 1542. There were at Hamar a cathedral chapter with ten canons, a school, a Dominican Priory of St. Olaf, and a monastery of the Canons Regular of St. Anthony of Vienne.

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