Ana Martín

This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Martínez and the second or maternal family name is Solórzano.
Ana Martín
Born Ana Beatriz Martínez Solórzano
(1946-05-14) May 14, 1946
Mexico City, D.F., Mexico
Occupation Actress, singer, producer, former model
Years active 1965-present
Title Miss Mexico 1963
Parent(s) Jesús Martínez 'Palillo'
Hilda Solórzano

Ana Martín (born Ana Beatriz Martínez Solórzano on May 14, 1946 in Mexico City, D.F., Mexico) is a Mexican actress, singer producer and former model, best known for her work in telenovelas, movies and the stage. She won the Miss Mexico title in 1963,[1] which took her to compete in Miss World 1963 in London, where she was disqualified for being underage. Since 1965 she has appeared in numerous telenovelas and films.

Early life and career

Born Ana Beatriz Martínez Solórzano to famous comedian Jesús Martínez 'Palillo', and his Nicaraguan wife, Hilda Solórzano,[2] Ana Martín became known to the public in the first half of the 1960s after winning the title of Miss Mexico and starring in popular movies alongside some of the biggest young actors of the time, including César Costa and Fernando Luján.

After playing supporting roles in various telenovelas, Martín won her first leading role as Laura in Muchacha de barrio in 1979. That same year she played the leading role in La llama de tu amor.

In 1982 starred in the successful Gabriel y Gabriela, on which she played the role of a young woman trying to pass as a man. She also sang the theme song and released an album. Ana Martín stated in an interview for the T.V. program Vidas Paralelas, in 2010 that she was not a singer and has never recorded any album. She said that the song in this Tele Novela was a special effects. She also stated that she never learned whom her character married at the conclusion of this story. The hand that is seen on the closing scene was a technician.

After La pasión de Isabela in 1984 and El pecado de Oyuki in 1986, Martín largely retired from the public view. In 1996 she made a welcomed return to the small screen and has remained very active, with credits on telenovelas such as Alma Rebelde, Amor Real, Rubí, La Madrastra, Duelo de Pasiones, Un gancho al corazon, Mañana es para siempre, Soy Tu Dueña with La que no podia amar and currently taping in Amores verdaderos (telenovela).



Telenovelas, Series, Films
Year Title RoleNotes
2015-16 Simplemente María Felicitas Nuñez Vda. de Cervantes "Feli" Supporting role
2013-14Por siempre mi amor Maria "Tita" Alverde Vda. de Escudero Co-Protagonist
2012 Amores Verdaderos Candelaria Corona Supporting Role
2011-12 La que no podia amar Maria Gomez Co-Protagonist
2010 Soy tu dueña Benita Supporting Role
2009 Los Exitosos Pérez Renata Mansilla de la Cruz "Rosa" Special Appearance
2008 Un gancho al corazón Nieves Ochoa Supporting Role
2009 Mañana es para siempre Refugio Rosario Special Appearance
2008 La rosa de Guadalupe Yoya TV Series
2007 Destilando amor Clara 'Clarita' Hernández García Co-Protagonist
2006 Duelo de pasiones Luba López Antagonist
2005 La madrastra Socorro de Montes Supporting Role
2005 Me han destrozado la vida Film
2005 Molinos de viento Interviews Film
2003-04 Amar otra vez Yolanda Beltrán Supporting Role
2004 Rubí Refugio Ochoa viuda de Pérez Supporting Role
2004 Las viudas Film
2003 Amor real Rosario Aranda Co-Protagonist
2002 Mujer, casos de la vida real TV Series
2001 Navidad sin fin Teófila TV Series
2001 In the Time of the Butterflies Mama Film
2001 Corazones rotos Celina Film
2001 Atrévete a Olvidarme Sabina Supporting Role
1999 Alma Rebelde Clara Hernandez Special Appearance
1998 Angela Delia Bellati Roldán Antagonist
1998 Un boleto para soñar Film
1997 Gente bien Alicia Dumas de Klein Supporting Role
1996 Dulces compañías Nora Film
1996 La culpa Cuquita Leon de MendizábalSupporting Role
1988 El pecado de Oyuki Oyuki Oguino Protagonist
1983 La pasión de Isabela IsabelaProtagonist
1982 Gabriel y Gabriela Gabriela de Reyes/Gabriela Reyes/Gabriel Protagonist
1981 Ángela Morante, ¿crimen o suicidio? Rosa SolorzanoFilm
1980 Vivir para amar Marina Film
1980 Verano salvaje Film
1979 Cadena perpetua Criada Film
1979 Los indolentes Rosa Film
1979 Muchacha de barrio Laura Protagonist
1979 La llama de tu amor Ana Cecilia Protagonist
1978 Ratas del asfalto Film
1978 El lugar sin límites La Japonesita Film
1977 Mil caminos tiene la muerte Claudia Film
1976 El pacto Teresa Film
1975 Mundos opuestos Mónica de la MoraSupporting Role
1975 El milagro de vivir Jenny Gordon Co-protagonist
1974 La mujer del diablo Film
1974 El primer paso... de la mujer Film
1973 El profeta Mimi Rosita Film
1973 Lágrimas de mi barrio Film
1973 Mi primer amor Baby Supporting Role
1972 Trio y cuarteto Film
1972 Hoy he soñado con Dios Rita Linares Film
1972 Victoria Film
1972 Tacos al carbón Lupita Film
1972 Fin de fiesta Raquel Film
1972 Trampa mortal Film
1971 En esta cama nadie duerme Film
1971 Siempre hay una primera vez RosaFilm
1971 Los corrompidos Luz Maria Film
1970 La rebelion de las hijas Film
1970 ¿Por qué nací mujer? Santa Film
1970 Faltas a la moral Consuelo "Chelo" Godínez Film
1969 El golfo Film
1969 Romance sobre ruedas Film
1969 Tú eres mi destino Film
1968 Blue Demon contra las diabólicas Film
1968 Blue Demon contra cerebros infernales Film
1968 Corona de lágrimas Consuelito Film
1967 Return of the Gunfighter Anisa Film
1967 La muerte es puntual Film
1967 Acapulco a go-go Rita Film
1966 El ángel y yo Film
1966 Marcelo y María Film
1966 Pánico Film
1965 El gángster Film

Awards and nominations

Premios TVyNovelas

Year Category TelenovelaResult
1983 Best Lead Actress Gabriel y Gabriela Nominated
1985 La pasión de Isabela
1989 El pecado de Oyuki
2004 Best First Actress Amor Real
2005 Best Co-star Actress Rubí Won
2006 Best First Actress La Madrastra Nominated
2008 Destilando Amor Won
2011 Soy tu dueña Nominated
2014 Amores Verdaderos Won


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