Amphilochus (son of Alcmaeon)

In Greek mythology, in a myth assigned to Euripides by the Bibliotheca, Amphilochus (Greek: Ἀμφίλοχος) is the son of Alcmaeon, one of the Epigoni, and Manto, the daughter of the Theban seer Teiresias.

Manto is sent to Delphi and then to Caria, and Alcmaeon entrusts young Amphilochus and his sister, Tisiphone, to king Creon of Corinth to be raised, but the queen of Corinth sells Tisiphone into slavery. Alcmaeon eventually recovers his children (the story is told in Alcmaeon in Corinth a lost play by Euripides).

According to Apollodorus, Amphilochus founded Amphilochian Argos,[1] although this is usually attributed to the older Amphilochus (brother of Alcmaeon).[2]

Alcmaeon had a brother named Amphilocus, who is named among the suitors of Helen in some accounts.[3][4]


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