Amphidamas (Greek: Ἀμφιδάμας) may refer to both historical and mythological figures in ancient Greece:


Amphidamas is the name of six men in Greek mythology.

  1. Amphidamas, son of Aleus and Cleobule. He was one of the Argonauts, along with his brother Cepheus.[1]
  2. Amphidamas, father of Nausidame. Nausidame bore Helios a son, Augeas.[1]
  3. Amphidamas, son of Lycurgus by either Cleophyle or Eurynome. Amphidamas had two children: Melanion and Antimache, who married Eurystheus.[2]
  4. Amphidamas, son of Busiris, king of Egypt. He was killed, alongside his father, by Heracles.[3]
  5. Amphidamas, father of Clitonymus, who was killed by Patroclus over a game of dice.[4]
  6. Amphidamas, one of the men hidden in the Trojan horse.



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