Amin Maktab

Amin Maktab, established in 1961,[1] is a special education center for mentally challenged children located in Gulberg, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Amin Maktab is the oldest institution in Lahore for intellectually challenged children.[1]


Amin Maktab School was established in small rented building in October 1961 by the Pakistan Society for the Welfare of Retarded Children.[2] In 1987, a multi-purpose campus in J-block of Gulberg was built by the local architect Fuad Ali Butt.[3] In 1991, an outreach programme was started, with the aid from UNICEF, for the purpose of spreading awareness as well as providing services and training to the homes of mentally challenged children in economically depressed areas of Lahore.[4] Currently, the management of Amin Maktab is handled by now retired Justice Aamer Raza Khan.

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