Amedeo Trilli

Amedeo Trilli
Born 9 July 1906 (1906-07-09)
Ronciglione, Italy
Died 30 November 1971 (1971-12-01) (aged 65)
Rome, Italy
Occupation Actor

Amedeo Trilli (9 July 1906 - 30 November 1971) was an Italian film and television actor.

Life and career

Born in Ronciglione, Viterbo, at very young age Trilli worked as a circus artist, then in 1922 he studied performance at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia and later he started working on stage.[1] He made his film debut in the early days of the sound films, and from the 1940s his presence on the big screen became continuous.[1] One of the most active character actors in Italian genre cinema, Trilli also got some leading roles in a number of low budget films, sometimes credited as Amedeo Novelli.[1]

Selected filmography


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