Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre

Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre

Motor Engineers, Amberley working museum.
Location Amberley, West Sussex, England
Coordinates 50°53′53″N 0°32′22″W / 50.8980°N 0.5395°W / 50.8980; -0.5395Coordinates: 50°53′53″N 0°32′22″W / 50.8980°N 0.5395°W / 50.8980; -0.5395
Type Industrial heritage
Leyland N Bus
Early Leyland bus on the road at Amberley
Wheelwright's Shop
Locomotive Polar Bear on the narrow gauge railway

Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre is a museum at Amberley, near Arundel in West Sussex, England.

The museum was founded in 1979 by the Southern Industrial History Centre Trust and has previously been known as the Amberley Working Museum, Amberley Chalk Pits Museum or plain Amberley Museum.

The museum is a registered charity[1] and has the support of an active Friends organisation.


It is a 36-acre (146,000 m2) open-air museum,[2] next to Amberley railway station, dedicated to the industrial heritage of South East England and with a special interest in aspects of the history of communications and transport.[3]

The museum is sited in a former chalk quarry [4] where the chalk was converted into lime for use in mortar and cement,[5] and remaining on site are several kilns, including a De Witt set, and associated buildings including offices, bagging shed and locomotive shed.

Also to be seen is the quarry tunnel (which appeared as Mainstrike Mine in the James Bond film A View to a Kill). Additional buildings have been relocated or replicated on the site and exhibition halls added. The natural history and geology of the site can be seen from a nature trail.

Exhibits and collections

Crafts demonstrated on site include woodturning, broom-making, walking stick-making and the work of the blacksmith and potters. Special events are held regularly.

Southdown Bus collection

On open days the Southdown Bus collection operates bus rides throughout the day. The collection of vehicles is listed below.

Operational buses
Buses undergoing repair or restoration

Amberley Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Collection

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