Amalia Eriksson

Amalia Eriksson – the Mother of the Polkagris— Lena Lervik. This statue is located in Gränna, Sweden.

Amalia Eriksson, née Lundström (25 November 1824, in Jönköping 19 January 1923, in Gränna), was a Swedish business person, known as the inventor of the Polkagris. The Polkagris is a type of candy stick which she invented in Gränna, Sweden. She was a poor 35-year-old widow and needed to support herself and her family, so she got the town council's permission to open a bakery to make pastries and peppermint rocks, and opened a shop in Gränna. She kept the recipe for the Polkagris secret and it was only revealed upon her death.




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