This name uses Philippine naming customs for indigenous people. There is no family name, but the sole name is Ama-ron.
Title Amaron
Description Philippine folk hero
Gender Male
Region Philippines
Equivalent Amaron

Ama-Ron or Amaron is a sparsely known figure in Philippine Mythology. The story is more common in the Southern part of the island group of Luzon as a folk song.


Like most of the male Filipino mythological heroes, he is described as an attractive well-built man who exemplifies great strength. Ama-ron is unique among other Filipino legends due to the lack of having a story on how he was born which was common with Filipino epic heroes.

Popularity in recent culture

Lack of popularity can be associated with the way Ama-ron's legend is delivered. It was a children's bedtime tale. This tradition known as hele is gradually decreasing in popularity hence the unfamiliarity of the youth.

Etymology and possible history

The name Ama-ron is believed to have come from the Tagalog words Ama (Father) and Roon (There) therefore Ama roon (Father is there). The basic unit of settlement on 14th century Philippines is called a Barangay led by a Datu.[1] The Datu is the title for ancient tribal chieftains and monarchs in pre-Hispanic Philippines. Ama-ron is believed to be a Datu of a similar-sounding name. Songs and poems may have been created telling of Ama-ron to strengthen their barangay's image and stature among nearby tribes.

The accent and phonology on which Ama-ron is pronounced is more similar to that of the earliest Batangan dialect which can also be heard on folk songs of Ama-ron. The Batangan dialect, being closer to Old Tagalog than any other dialect, shows that the root of Ama-ron's mythological history is older than what people believed since Southern Tagalog and Visayan Regions were the first areas of settlements.[2]



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