Alternatywy 4

Alternatywy 4

Block of flats at 3 Marii Grzegorzewskiej Street in Warsaw, where Alternatywy 4 was shot
Genre Sitcom
Written by Stanisław Bareja
Janusz Płoński
Maciej Rybiński
Directed by Stanisław Bareja
Composer(s) Jerzy Matuszkiewicz
Country of origin Poland
Original language(s) Polish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 9
Original network TVP
Original release September 30, 1986 (1986-09-30)
Followed by Dylematu 5

Alternatywy 4 ([ˌaltɛrnaˈtɨvɨ ˈʧ̑tɛrɨ]; "4 Alternative (Disjunction) Street") is a Polish comedy TV series that was completed in 1983 and, due to the censorship, first aired only in 1986. Many famous Polish actors appeared in the series. The filming location used in Alternatywy 4 was a residential complex, still in existence at 3 Marii Grzegorzewskiej Street in Warsaw, Poland. The series was a satire of life under the communist rule in Poland. The dialogues had to be written in a way that they would be approved by the communist authorities censorship office. Due to the censorship, partial or entire scenes had to be cut. 30 years after the series was filmed it underwent a digital reconstruction and the initially deleted scenes were added, after they had been found in the archives of TVP[1]

The series title is a result of a dispute among the real estate developers on what to name a new street in their development (in episode 1). Annoyed by the lack of consensus, one of them quips: "There must be some alternative". In 2005, one of the streets in Ursynów district, where the series plot had taken place, was officially named Alternatywy to commemorate the series.[2] The residential building, where most of the scenes were shot, bears a plaque, that aside from the actual street name (M. Grzegorzewskiej 3) also contains an inscription, "Formerly Alternatywy 4".[3]


  1. Przydział (The Assignment)
  2. Przeprowadzka (Moving in)
  3. Pierwsza noc (The First Night)
  4. Profesjonaliści (The Professionals)
  5. 20-ty stopień zasilania (The Blackout)
  6. Gołębie (The Pigeons)
  7. Spisek (The Plot)
  8. Wesele (The Wedding)
  9. Upadek (The Fall)


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