Alma indomable

Alma Indomable
Created by Alberto Gómez
Developed by Venevisión
Starring Scarlet Ortiz
José Ángel Llamas
Lilibeth Morillo
Luis José Santander
Opening theme Case te Olvido by Pablo Montero
Ending theme Casi te Olvido by Pablo Montero
Country of origin Venezuela
United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 151
Executive producer(s) Arquimedes Rivero
Producer(s) Dulce Teran
Location(s) South Florida
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original network Venevisión
Picture format NTSC
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release 2009 – 2010
Preceded by Amor Comprado
Followed by Pecadora

Alma Indomable (English: Untamed Soul) is a telenovela produced and distributed by Venevisión International. Filming took place in Miami, Florida. It premiered on Univision on October 19, 2009 in the 1/12c timeslot. The telenovela was written by Alberto Gomez and stars: Scarlet Ortiz, José Ángel Llamas as the protagonists and Lilibeth Morillo and Luis José Santander as the antagonists.


Alma Perez (Scarlet Ortiz) is a diamond in the rough: 23 years old, without any education who lives with her cruel stepmother Rafaela "Pucha" Perez and sister Jazmin Perez. Destiny brings her to the hacienda of Patricio Sorrento, Las Brisas, where she begins to live as a guest. Unknown to her, she is actually the heiress to Patricio's fortune. Pucha, her adoptive grandmother was paid to raise Alma by her real grandmother Paula Romero.

At the hacienda, Alma meets Juan Pablo Robles, the administrator of the hacienda who lives with his mother Caridad Robles. He begins to teach Alma how to read and write. Alma and Juan Pablo immediately fall in love, but when she sees him kissing Dubraska Sorrento, she feels betrayed and leaves the hacienda. After some time, she comes back as a successful, rich and beautiful woman to claim her fortune and seek revenge on her enemies.

Esteban de la Vega is a rich man who also loves Alma and will do anything to have her. Together with his cousin Abigail Richardi, who is in love with Juan Pablo, they conspire to separate the two.


Actor Character Known as
Scarlet Ortiz Alma Perez Sorrento Main heroine, married Esteban, in love with Juan Pablo.
José Ángel Llamas Juan Pablo Robles Main hero, slept with Venus, in love with Alma, but turned out to be not pregnant.
Lilibeth Morillo Abigail Richardi Main villain, cousin of Esteban, in love with Juan Pablo, hates Alma, poured acid on Azul's face, walled in a cave by Azul.
Luis José Santander Esteban de la Vega Main villain, cousin of Abigail, in love with Alma, hates Juan Pablo, real father of Beto, forged documents for Rogelio so he could claim Alma's inheritance, chained Juan Pablo in a cave, falls down from a balcony while trying to rape Alma.
Lisette Morelos Monica Sorrento Villain, daughter of Gertrudis, in love with Esteban, cousin of Alma and hates her, dies.
Patty Alvarez Gertrudis Sorrento Villain, mother of Monica, hates Alma, in love with Esteban, ends up insane.
Leonardo Daniel Rogelio Sorrento Villain, uncle of Alma, Dubraska and Monica, hates Alma, ends up in jail.
Karina Mora Dubraska Sorrento Real sister of Alma, married Raul, in love with Fernando, becomes blind but recovers her sight when she fell off her horse.
Oscar Corbella Patricio Sorrento Father of Alma, brother of Rogelio, killed by Abigail.
Víctor González Nicanor Sanchez Villain, worker in Las Brisas, in love with Alma, ends up in jail.
Nelson Tallaferro / Neal Kodinsky Evelio Support Villain, works with Nicanor Sanchez, steals the Jewels from Susy and disappears.
Yul Bürkle Fernando Rios Stable man, married Luisa, in love with Dubraska.
Rodolfo Jiménez Leon Rios Brother of Fernando, in love Alma then with Amanda.
Roberto Levermann Theofilo "Theo" Stranger man, friend of Alma.
Ezequiel Montalt Mauricio Lira Doctor, in love with Alma, then Dubraska.
Adita Riera Caridad Robles Mother of Juan Pablo.
Tali Duclaud Jazmin Perez Sister of Alma, in love with Beto.
Esperanza Rendon Cecilia Ocampo Mother of Alma, in love with Danilo, adoptive mother of Beto.
Franklin Virguez Danilo Ocampo In love with Cecilia, lover of Susy, adoptive father of Beto.
Alan Ibarra Alberto "Beto" Ocampo Adopted son of Cecilia and Danilo, in love with Jazmin
Isabel Moreno Rafaela "Pucha" Perez Grandmother of Alma and Jazmin.
Nelida Ponce Carmela "Carmelita" Rios Grandmother of Fernando and Leon.
Yadira Santana Guadalupe "Lupe" Servant in Las Brisas.
Kenya Hijuelos Susana "Susy" Servant, lover of Danilo, married to Rogelio.
Julio Capote Ramon Olivares Grandfather of Luisa.
Yami Quintero Luisa Olivares Granddaughter of Ramon, in love with Fernando, drowned and died.
Gabriel Parisi Federico Urbaneja Brother of Raul, in love with Venus.
Juan Vidal Raul Urbaneja Brother of Federico, in love with Dubraska.
Martha Picanes Paula Romero Villain, mother of Cecilia, she steals Alma when she was a child and gives her to Pucha, died in hospital.
Maite Embil Amanda In love with Leon, best friend of Cecilia.
Martha Pabon Rosa Angelica Real mother of Beto.
Ali Sanchez Azul Model, Abigail spills her with acid.
Veronica Noboa Venus Model, in love and slept with him when Alma lost her memory, with Juan Pablo and later with Federico.



Country Network(s) Series premiere Series finale Title
 Ecuador TC television 2009 "Alma Indomable"
 Armenia ShantTV 2011 "Անսանձ Հոգին"
 Venezuela Venevision 2010 "Alma Indomable"
 Brazil Rede CNT October 11, 2010 May 2, 2011 "Alma Indomavel"
 Slovenia POP TV March 14, 2011 November 3, 2011 Nebrušeni dragulj
 Lithuania TV3 2009 July 11, 2010 Maištingoji siela
 Estonia TV3 2009 2010 Taltsutamatu hing
 Colombia Caracol May 4, 2009 Alma Indomable
 United States Univision October 19, 2009 April 16, 2010 " Alma Indomable"
 Panama Telemetro 2009
 Mexico Cadenatres 2011
 Kenya KBC February 14, 2012 "Alma Indomable"
 Nicaragua Canal 10 2010
 Mexico Azteca Trece March 3, 2014 August 15, 2014 Alma Indomable
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