Allen Dizon

Allen Dizon

Allen Dizon is an award-winning Filipino actor, model and producer in the Philippines. A former member of the Viva Hot Men, Dizon is one of the premiere Independent movie actors in the country.

In 2007, he won the Best Supporting Actor FAMAS award and Star Award for Movies in the film Twilight Dancers. Dizon appeared in movies such as Dukot (2009), Sigwa (2010), Patikul (2011), Deadline (2011), and Migrante (2012). He played as Sonny Burgos in the film Burgos (2013) starring Lorna Tolentino and Rocco Nacino, directed by Joel Lamangan. Dizon played as a soldier in Lauriana (2013) with Bangs Garcia and Rich Asuncion. He starred in ABS-CBN's melodrama series Doble Kara (2015), as Antonio Dela Rosa.

Dizon produced the Indie Films Crossroads (2008) and Marino (2009).

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