Allan MacRae

Allan Alexander MacRae (February 11, 1902, Calumet, Michigan – September 27, 1997, Quarryville, Pennsylvania)[1] was, with Dr. Jack Murray, a co-founder of Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.[2]

He graduated from Occidental College in 1922 and earned a Master of Arts at the same school the following year. He studied under Reuben Archer Torrey at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles then obtained a Th.B. from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1927. He earned an A.M. from Princeton University the same year, and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1936.

MacRae was a scholar of Babylonian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Arabic, Syriac and other Semitic languages. He studied at the University of Berlin and spent four months with William F. Albright in archaeological exploration of the Biblical city Ham, mentioned in Genesis 14.

He was a founding minister of the Presbyterian Church of America which became the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) in 1936. However, he was of a certain segment of those within the OPC that held strong beliefs advocating premillennialism and abstinence from alcohol.[3] The following year, along with Rev. Carl McIntire, he helped organize Faith Theological Seminary, a seminary which primarily served the Bible Presbyterian Church, of which Dr. MacRae was a member. He separated from McIntire in 1971 to form Biblical Theological Seminary.[2][4]

MacRae died on September 27, 1997, at the Quarryville Presbyterian Retirement Home.



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