Ali-Qoli Khan Bakhtiari

Sardar As'ad Bakhtiari
Born 1856
Died 1917
Nationality Iranian Lur
Religion islam

Sardar As'ad Bakhtiari (1856–1917) (Luri/Persian:سردار اسعد بختیاری), also known as Haj Ali-Gholi Khan, Sardar Asad II (born Ali-Gholi Khan),the 3rd son of jaafar gholi khan, was ilkhan (bakhatiari's tribe boss in Iran) , an Iranian revolutionary, a Thane of Bakhtiari Haft Lang tribe, and one of the primary figures of the Persian Constitutional Revolution. In 1909, Bakhtiari tribal forces under his command with help of modern arms from German Empire successfully captured Tehran as part of the revolutionary campaign to force the central government to establish democratic reforms.

Commemorative poster (3 x 4 m2) pertaining to the conquest of Tehran by the Bakhtiari Constitutional Revolutionaries in July 1909. The two men on horse are Sardar Asad and Sepahsālār (Mohammad Vali Khan, Sepahsālār-e A'zam-e Tankāboni, Minister of Defence in the first Cabinet following dethroning of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar in 1909, and subsequently Prime Minister of Iran from 6 October 1909 until July 1910).

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