Alger Island, Russia

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Alger Island
Russian: Остров Алджер
Alger Island

Location of the Franz Josef Archipelago.

Location Arctic
Coordinates 80°23′N 56°00′E / 80.383°N 56.000°E / 80.383; 56.000
Archipelago Franz Josef Archipelago
Length 10 km (6 mi)
Width 4.7 km (2.92 mi)
Highest elevation 429 m (1,407 ft)
Highest point Kupol Vostok Pervyy
Population 0

Alger Island (Russian: Остров Алджер; Ostrov Aldzher) is an island in Franz Josef Land, Russia. Lat 80° 22′ N, long 56° 03′ E.


The length of Alger Island is 10 km (6.2 mi) and its maximum width 4.7 km (2.9 mi). Its highest point is the 429 m (1,407 ft) high summit of the Kupol Vostok Pervyy (Купол Восток Первый) ice dome that covers part of the island.[1] There are wide unglaciated areas on the northern and the southwestern shores.

Alger Island is located north of McClintock Island, separated from it by a 2 km (1.2 mi) narrow sound.

The wintering site of the 1901 failed American Baldwin-Ziegler Expedition was on Alger Island. They named this island after 19th-century American author Horatio Alger who was a significant figure of American cultural and social ideals at that time.[2][3][4]

Off Alger Island's southwestern shores lies Ostrov Matil'dy (Остров Матильды), a very small, barely 1 km (0.62 mi) long, island.

Coordinates: 80°23′N 56°00′E / 80.383°N 56.000°E / 80.383; 56.000

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