Alessandra Rosaldo

Alejandra Sanchez Barraro

Born Alejandra Sanchez Barrero
(1971-09-11) September 11, 1971
Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation Singer-songwriter, musician, actress
Years active 1989 –present
Children Aitana

Alessandra Rosaldo (born Alejandra Sanchez Barraro; September 11, 1971) is an actress, singer and dancer from Mexico. In 2006, she was the winner of the first prize in Televisa Network's, later broadcast in Univision Bailando por un Sueño.

As an actress, she has played main and supporting roles in Mexican TV’s soap operas. She has sold over 4 million records in the Spanish-speaking world as the lead singer of her own pop music band Sentidos Opuestos as well in her solo singer career, for which she received the Lo Nuestro Award for Rock New Artist of the Year at the 16th Lo Nuestro Awards.[1]


Born Alejandra Sanchez Barrero, to Gabriela Barrero and Jaime Sanchez Rosado, she was the first of three sisters, the others being Valeria and Mariana. She studied at the German school “Alexander von Humboldt” in Mexico City where she learned fluent German and English and went on to finish her high school studies in the American school foundation also in Mexico City. Being the daughter of a successful pop music producer she came in contact with Studio musicians and singers since her childhood and at age 12 she began to work with her father has a studio backup Singer. In 2008, she became host of a game show on the Telefutura television network called Dame la Pista and married comedian Eugenio Derbez



1999-2000 - Actress in a leading role as Brenda Sakal in the TV production of DKDA, a soap opera produced by Luis de Llano for Televisa, Mexico.

2001 - Guest appearance as La Flower in the TV production of Aventuras en el Tiempo (Adventures through Time), a soap opera produced by Rosi Ocampo for Televisa.

2002 - Actress in a supporting role as Karla Cancino in the TV production of Salome, a soap opera produced by Juan Osorio for Televisa.

2003-2004 - Actress in a leading role as Paulina Almazan in the TV production


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