Aleksi Sariola

Aleksi Juhani Sariola (born 22 March 1980) is a Finnish actor, singer and television presenter.

Acting career

Sariola first became known as an actor when he played the character Ken Ojala in a Finnish television series Salatut elämät 2000–2004. He has appeared in such films as Pian on aamu (2005) and Tali-Ihantala 1944 (2007).[1] In television, Sariola has been mostly seen as a presenter in various programs, such as Buusteri, Ruuvari and Pientä pintaremonttia.[2] In the latter two, he is also serving as a writer and producer.[3]

Musical career

As a singer, Sariola uses the pseudonym Illi. Illi's first single Punaista was released in 2005, and in 2006, his debut album Kokoa mut followed. Illi wrote all the lyrics on the album, while the production was handled by Elastinen and Jukka Immonen. Illi has also appeared as a featured artist on several songs by artists such as Fintelligens, Elastinen, Redrama, Brädi and Cheek.[4]


In films

On television

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As a featured artist


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