Aleksandr Naryshkin

Alexander Lvovich Naryshkin (Russian: Александр Лвович Нарышкин), born in 1760, died in 1826.

Russian noble, he was great chamberlain, chief operating officer of the imperial theatre from 1799 to 1819, Marshal of Nobility of Saint-Petersburg from 1818 to 1826.

Son of Lev Alexandrovich Naryshkin (1733-1799) and brother of Dmitry Lvovich Naryshkin (1764-1838) whose spouse Maria Antonovna Naryshkina (1779-1854) was Alexander I of Russia's mistress. He was a friend of Paul I of Russia.

Alexander Lvovich Naryshkin and his brother were famous for their great luxury parties which dazzled the Saint-Petersburg nobility.

As well as many members of his family, Alexander Lvovich Naryshkin was buried in Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

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