Aleksandr Khvostov

Aleksandr Khvostov.

Aleksandr Alekseevich Khvostov (Russian: Александр Алексеевич Хвостов, 1857–1922) was an Imperial Russian politician. After graduating from the Imperial Alexander Lyceum, he entered the Ministry of Justice.

He served as Minister of Justice from July 19, 1915 to July 22, 1916 and was responsible for the trial of Vladimir Sukhomlinov. He became Minister of Interior from July 22, 1916 to September 29, 1916 (New Style).[1]

He was (and became known as) the uncle of Alexei Khvostov.



Political offices
Preceded by
Ivan Shcheglovitov
Minister of Justice
6 July 1915 7 July 1916 (Old Style)
Succeeded by
Alexander Alexandrovich Makarov
Preceded by
Boris Stürmer
Minister of Interior
9 July 1916 16 September 1916 (Old Style)
Succeeded by
Aleksandr Protopopov

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