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Miranda! in Reventón Superestrella in 2006, in Los Angeles
Background information
Origin Argentina
Genres Electropop
Years active 2001–present
Labels Pelo Music
EMI Music
Members Alejandro Sergi
Juliana Gattas
Nicolás "Monoto" Grimaldi
Past members Bruno De Vincenti
Leandro "Lolo" Fuentes

Miranda! is an Argentine electropop band formed in 2001. Band members include Alejandro Sergi (vocals), Juliana Gattas (vocals), Lolo Fuentes (guitar), Bruno de Vincenti (programming), and since 2003, Nicolás Grimaldi (bass). The group has found success throughout Latin America as well as in the United States and Europe.


In 2001, Alejandro Sergi teamed up with Juliana Gattas, Lolo Fuentes and Bruno de Vincenti to form Miranda!, labeling their style as melodramatic electropop. Named after Argentinean actor Osvaldo Miranda, the group finally met the actor in December 2002 during the Buen Dia Arriba Festival in Palermo Viejo.

Their popularity grew around the Buenos Aires underground music circuit, based on their peculiar music, style and looks. Their unique live performances, in which the band members "acted out" the lyrics of their songs, gained them a great amount of followers, as well as a number of prizes on such publications as the Argentine version of the Rolling Stone Magazine, which named them the Revelation Band of 2002.

That year they released Es Mentira, their first album which would spawn five singles: "Bailarina," "Imán," "Tu Juego," "Agua" and "Romix."

In 2004 Miranda! edited their second album, titled Sin Restricciones, which would mean the mainstream breakthrough of the band, with hits like "Yo Te Diré" or "Don," which would go on to be one of the most downloaded ringtones in the world by 2005. Other singles out of this album were "Navidad," "El Profe," "Uno los Dos" and recently "Traición."

Between albums, they released an EP containing three new tracks that were formerly the theme songs of very successful soap operas from Argentina, "Quiéreme… tengo frío" ("Love me, I'm cold") from Piel Naranja, starring Arnaldo André and Marilina Ross in 1975; "Una lágrima sobre el teléfono" from Una voz en el teléfono, starring Carolina Papaleo and Raúl Taibo in 1990; and "Esa extraña dama" from the soap opera with the same name, starring Luisa Kuliok and Jorge Martínez. These songs were performed at the 2006 Martín Fierro Awards TV show, and then released as a single CD in Argentina.

"Prisionero," the first single off their new album El Disco de tu Corazón, became a #1 hit in their native Argentina. However, the second single "Perfecta" with Mexican singer Julieta Venegas became an even bigger hit worldwide, topping the charts in many Spanish-speaking countries.

The newest single from El Disco de tu Corazón is simply-called "Hola," and is the first to be released in 2009. The video from "Hola" is comic-based on a narrated chat communication between two people who end up having sex in a room.

2007 Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2008 Best Group or Duet Nominated
2007 Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2008 Best Pop Artist Nominated
2007 Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2008 Artist of the Year Nominated
2007 Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2008 Best Artist South Won



Es Mentira (2002)

  1. Bailarina (Dancer)
  2. Horóscopo (Horoscope)
  3. Romix
  4. Imán (Magnet)
  5. Tu Juego (Your Game)
  6. Agua (Water)
  7. Ven (Come)
  8. Mentira (Lie)
  9. Tiempo (Time)
  10. Casualidad (Coincidence)

Sin Restricciones (2004)

  1. Yo Te Diré (I Will Tell You)
  2. Don (Talent or Gift)
  3. Quiero (I Want)
  4. Vuelve A Tí (Back to You)
  5. El Profe (The Teacher)
  6. Otra Vez (Again)
  7. Tu Gurú (Your Guru)
  8. Hoy (Today)
  9. El Agente (The Agent)
  10. Navidad (Christmas)
  11. Traición (Betrayal)
  12. Uno Los Dos (One, The Two of Us)

Sin Restricciones En Vivo! (2005)

  1. Otra Vez
  2. Tu Gurú + Take On Me
  3. Yo Te Diré
  4. Hoy
  5. Bailarina
  6. Mentira
  7. Traición
  8. Navidad
  9. Quiero
  10. El Profe
  11. Tu Juego
  12. Don
  13. Romix
  14. Casualidad

Quereme! [EP] (2006)

  1. Quereme...Tengo Frío (Love Me...I'm Cold)
  2. Una Lágrima Sobre El Teléfono (A Tear on the Telephone)
  3. Esa Extraña Dama (That Strange Lady)
  4. Medley (Extendida)
  5. Medley (Radio Edit)

El Disco De Tu Corazón (2007)

  1. Prisionero (Prisoner)
  2. Hola (Hello)
  3. Perfecta (Perfect) [feat. Julieta Venegas]
  4. Enamorada (In Love)
  5. Nada Es Igual (Nothing is the Same)
  6. Déjame (Leave Me)
  7. Amanece Junto A Mí (Wake Up Next to Me)
  8. Hasta Hoy (Until Today)
  9. Vete De Aquí (Get Out of Here) [feat. Fangoria]
  10. No Me Celes (Don't Be Jealous)
  11. Te Atreviste Y Me Morí (You Dared and I Died)
  12. Voces (Voices)

El Templo Del Pop (2008) greatest hits album

  1. Perfecta
  2. Chicas new song (Girls)
  3. Enamorada
  4. Don
  5. Yo Te Diré
  6. Traición
  7. Bailarina
  8. Prisionero
  9. Imán
  10. Hola
  11. El Profe
  12. Romix
  13. Otra Vez
  14. Mi Propia Vida new song
  15. Uno Los Dos
  16. Tu Juego
  17. Vete De Aquí (con Fangoria)
  18. Navidad
  19. Quiéreme... Tengo Frío
  20. Mirandamix (Miranda! Vs. DJ Deró) Miranda! megamix by DJ Deró

Es Imposible (2009)

  1. Mentía (I Lied)
  2. Lo que siento por tí (What I Feel For You)
  3. Romance juvenil (Juvenile Romance)
  4. El showcito (The Little Show)
  5. Tu mirada (Your Look)
  6. Tu misterioso alguien (Your Mysterious Someone)
  7. Si pudiera volver (If I Could Go Back)
  8. No lo digas (Don't Say It)
  9. Entre mis brazos (Between My Arms)
  10. Hola, probando (Hi, Testing)

Miranda Directo! (CD + DVD) (2009)

  1. Prisionero
  2. Entre mis brazos
  3. Tu mirada
  4. Hola
  5. Hola probando
  6. Romance juvenil
  7. El showcito
  8. Perfecta
  9. Tu misterioso alguien
  10. Lo que siento por ti
  11. Yo te diré
  12. Enamorada
  13. El profe
  14. Mentía
  15. Don
  16. No lo digas
  17. Imán

Magistral (2011)

  1. Dice Lo Que Siente (He Says What He Feels)
  2. Ya Lo Sabía (I Already Knew)
  3. A la Distancia (To The Distance)
  4. Ritmo y Decepción (Rhythm & Deception)
  5. 10 Años Después (10 Years Later)
  6. No Pero No (No But No)
  7. Cada Vez Que Decimos Adiós (Everytime We Say Goodbye)
  8. Una Noche Como Hoy (A Night Like Tonight)
  9. Tucan (Toucan)
  10. Puro Talento (Pure Talent)

Safari (2014)

  1. Fantasmas (Ghosts)
  2. Extraño (I Miss You)
  3. Es por él (It's For Him)
  4. Solo lo sabe la luna (Only The Moon Knows It)
  5. Miro la vida pasar (feat. Fangoria) [I See The Life Passing By]
  6. Sé mía (Be Mine)
  7. Buen día (Good Morning)
  8. Nadie como tú (Nobody Like You)
  9. Fotos (Photos)
  10. Para olvidar tu amor (To Forget Your Love)


From Es Mentira (2002):

  1. Bailarina - 2000
  2. Imán - 2001
  3. Romix - 2001
  4. Tu Juego - 2002
  5. Agua - 2002

From Sin Restricciones (2004):

  1. Yo Te Diré - 2003
  2. Navidad - 2004
  3. Don - 2004
  4. El Profe - 2004
  5. Uno Los Dos - 2004
  6. Traición - 2005

From Quereme (2006):

  1. Quereme... Tengo Frío - 2006

From El Disco de tu Corazón (2007):

  1. Prisionero - 2007
  2. Hola - 2007
  3. Perfecta - 2007
  4. Enamorada - 2008

From El Templo del Pop (2008):

  1. Chicas - 2008

From Es Imposible (2009):

  1. Mentía - 2009
  2. Lo que Siento por ti - 2009
  3. Tu misterioso alguién - 2010

From Magistral (2011):

  1. Ritmo y decepción - 2011
  2. Ya Lo Sabia - 2011
  3. Dice Lo Que Siente - 2012
  4. Puro talento - 2013

From Safari (2014):

  1. Extraño - 2013
  2. Fantasmas - 2014
  3. Nadie Como Tú - 2014
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