Alberta Municipal Affairs

Alberta Municipal Affairs is a ministry of the Executive Council of Alberta. Its major responsibilities include assisting municipalities in the provision of local government, administering the assessment of linear property in Alberta, administering a safety system for the construction and maintenance of buildings and equipment, and managing Alberta's network of municipal and library system boards.[1]

In October 2015, Deron Bilous was replaced as the Minister for Municipal Affairs by Danielle Larivee.[2]


The Municipal Affairs ministry was established on December 20, 1911, with the purpose of implementing the new municipal legislation regarding incorporation of towns, villages, rural municipal districts, improvement districts and cities.[3]

The ministry is responsible for enforcement of a variety of provincial legislation including:[4]

On December 15, 2006, the new ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing was created from Alberta Municipal Affairs and Seniors and Community Supports. Libraries, community and voluntary sector services, previously under the authority of Alberta Community Development, were amalgamated in the new ministry.[7]

On March 12, 2008, Premier Stelmach reverted Municipal Affairs and Housing back to Municipal Affairs by moving the responsibilities over housing and the voluntary sector to the new ministries of Housing and Urban Affairs and Culture and Community Spirit respectively.[8]

Ministry structure

Alberta's Ministry of Municipal Affairs includes "Municipal Services and Legislation", "Municipal Assessment and Grants", "Corporate Strategic Services", and "Public Safety". The ministry also has oversight of the Municipal Government Board, the Alberta Emergency Management Agency, and the Special Areas Board.

Municipal Services and Legislation provides support, advice and other assistance in the areas of municipal government, administration and land use planning to Alberta's urban, rural and specialized municipalities. This division is also responsible for municipal inspections, viability reviews, and the Municipal Government Act Review. Branches include Municipal Services and Major Legislative Projects and Strategic Planning.[9]

Municipal Assessment and Grants provides support, advice and other assistance in the areas of property assessment, education property taxes, and municipal grants to Alberta's urban, rural and specialized municipalities. This division is also responsible for the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) program, Federal Gas Tax program, and assessment of all linear property (e,g. oil/gas wells, pipelines, electric power lines, and telecommunication systems) in Alberta. Branches include Assessment Services and Grants and Education Property Tax.[10]

Corporate Strategic Services provides support, advice and other assistance to other divisions within Municipal Affairs. Corporate Strategic Services is also responsible for the Public Library Services Branch, which provides policy, planning and administrative expertise to public libraries across Alberta.[11]

Public Safety's mandate includes safe buildings, equipment and facilities and emergency response, regulated by the Safety Codes Act. Public Safety comprises Safety Services, the New Home Warranty and the Office of the Fire Commissioner.[12][13]

Municipal Government Board

The Municipal Government Board is a provincial tribunal in Alberta, Canada.[14] It is established pursuant to the Municipal Government Act. The MGB hears appeals from subdivision applications involving a provincial interest, appeals of linear property assessments, intermunicipal disputes, municipal annexations, and other matters.


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