Albert Pallavicini

Albert Pallavicini (Italian: Alberto Pallavicini) was the fifth margrave of Bodonitsa from his father's death until his own in 1311. His father was Thomas, a great nephew of the first margrave Guy. Albert married Maria dalle Carceri, a Venetian noblewoman from Euboea. He even obtained a sixth of that island.

He was a loyal vassal of the princes of Achaea. In 1305, he was summoned by his lord Philip of Savoy to a tournament and parliament on the Isthmus of Corinth. In 1307, he obeyed the similar summons of Philip I of Taranto. On 15 March 1311, he followed Walter V of Brienne into the Battle of the Cephissus, but did not emerge alive. By the Assizes of Romania, his fief was inherited by his widow and his daughter, Guglielma.


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