Albert Azzo I, Margrave of Milan

Albert Azzo I, Margrave of Milan
Spouse(s) Adelaide


Noble family Obertenghi
Father Otbert II, Margrave of Milan
Mother Railend
Died 1029

Albert Atto I (Italian: Alberto Azzo) (died 1029) was the son of Oberto II and Railend, widow of Sigfred, Count of Seprio. He was a member of the Obertenghi (or Adalbertini) family.

Albert first appears in the historical record in 1011. On 10 May 1013, he was acting as a missus in Italy. In 1014, he inherited the counties of Luni, Tortona, Genoa, and Milan on the death of his father, Otbert II, Margrave of Milan. His holdings were extensive and both feudal and allodial. Albert and his brothers Hugh, Adalbert (IV), and Obizzo all carried the title margrave. Their sister Bertha married Arduin of Italy to ally the Anscarid and Obertenga families. Another sister named Bertha married Ulric Manfred II of Turin. Albert himself married Adelaide, a Salian and relative of Lanfranc, Count of Aucia.

At first, Albert and his brothers supported their brother-in-law Arduin against the Emperor Henry II in the war for the Italian throne. In 1014, he did not oppose Henry's imperial coronation, but after Henry left in May, he sought to aid Arduin. After July, he confiscated Solingen, robbed the church, and assaulted Pavia, Vercelli, and Novara. In 1019, he reconciled with Henry, but in 1022, all four brothers were captured by Henry's forces and Albert submitted, receiving the iudiciaria (right of justice) in Monselice. In Spring 1026, Albert joined Ulric Manfred in defending Pavia from Conrad II.

Albert left one son: Albert Azzo II.


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