Al Kharj (Arabic: الخرج), also known locally as Al Saih (Arabic: السيح), is a city in Al Kharj Governorate in central Saudi Arabia. Al Kharj is 77 km south of Riyadh. The city is located at around 24°8′54″N 47°18′18″E / 24.14833°N 47.30500°E / 24.14833; 47.30500.

It is connected by rail to both Riyadh and Dammam.[1] The city's main landmarks includes the historical water wells, and King Abdulaziz Palace and Mosque.[2]

One of the main Royal Saudi Air Force bases, Prince Sultan Air Base 24°03′48″N 47°34′50″E / 24.06333°N 47.58056°E / 24.06333; 47.58056, located in Al Kharj, is home to several fleets of F-15s. The base was home to about 60,000 coalition forces during the 1991 Gulf War.


Climate is hot dry summers, cool little rainy winter weather is getting better at night mid-September until it becomes cold in December and January, and the average maximum temperature in winter and 18 to 5 degree and the summer average maximum temperature of 48 to a low of 31 Degree Celsius.

Strategic importance

Al Kharj is one of the major centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for agriculture and dairy industry, backed with modern administration and with economic significance for the country. It has a population of more than 376,000.

As worthwhile in this quick note to the right of this city of the ins by their nature and possesses advantages and elements where one of the areas rich with all the economic fundamentals attracting investment and settlement, not only this but also natural resources, geographical location and population density which is no doubt factors win this city atmosphere successful investment if used the optimal exploitation in creating a strong and effective and solid economic entity that is a tributary of diversifying sources of income and a supportive national product and local as well as creating job opportunities manpower promising, particularly an allied political capital of the country town.

Al-Kharj is home to many of the important economic and governmental structures, most notably Military Industries Corporation, which is the only military factory in the Persian Gulf area, factories, and Prince Sultan Air Base, which is one of the largest air bases in the world, and includes a supply and logistics center of Saudi military leadership of Al Kharj region.

Economic importance

Output is considered an agricultural area of the first class, as was no food basket still since ancient times what is produced from a variety of agricultural crops, and represents the output source of the weight of agricultural production as over produces about 26% of vegetable production in the UK, and embraces the larger farms and factories, dairy and poultry Saudi companies with its products covering the Gulf cooperation Council (GCC), Jordan, such as net Danone, pastures, Aziziyah, dairy farm, dairy output

Al Kharj Capital Dairy

Under the leadership of King Abdulaziz, who first took initiative for the production of milk in the kingdom, an experimental farm was established at Al-Kharj in 1938.[3] Currently due to those efforts the area is currently producing more than 65 per cent of the Kingdom's production of dairy products, it is one the largest farms and dairy factories in the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Chamber of Commerce has organized the first Al Kharj Dairy Festival under the dairy capital of output in the first month of May 1429, the slogan for the month of May 2008 and "the first of its kind in the Kingdom and first in the (Persian) Gulf", where he witnessed the turnout and the admiration of visitors.


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