Aksel Arstal

Aksel Arstal
Born Aksel Kristian Andersen
(1855-08-25)25 August 1855
Christiania, Norway
Died 28 November 1940(1940-11-28) (aged 85)
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Geographer
Relatives Hildur Andersen (sister)

Aksel Arstal (25 August 1855 – 28 November 1940) was a Norwegian theologist, schoolteacher and geographer.

He was born in Christiania to stadsingeniør Oluf Martin Andersen and Annette Fredrikke Sontum, and was a brother of pianist Hildur Andersen.[1]

He graduated as cand.theol. in 1876, worked as schoolteacher at various private schools, eventually as geography teacher at the Oslo Commerce School, and lectured in political geography at the university.[1] His works on geography include Landomrids (1886), Geografi for Middelskolen (1899) and Norges økonomiske Geografi (1902). He edited Forældre og Børn (1902), a work on parents and children which had a large number of prominent contributors.[2] Arstal edited the first edition of the encyclopedia Oslo byleksikon, which was published in 1938,[3] a work which had taken several years to accomplish.[4]

He died in November 1940.[5]


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