Akhalgori (ახალგორი)
Leningor (Ленингор)
old palace of Prince Eristov
Name origin: "new Gori" from Georgian. (Leningor named after Vladimir Lenin)
Country Georgia[1] (South Ossetia[2])
District Akhalgori district/Leningor district
Elevation 788 m (2,585 ft)
Coordinates 42°06′08″N 44°29′11″E / 42.10222°N 44.48639°E / 42.10222; 44.48639Coordinates: 42°06′08″N 44°29′11″E / 42.10222°N 44.48639°E / 42.10222; 44.48639
Area 10 km2 (4 sq mi)
Population 2,000
Timezone Moscow time (UTC+3)
 - summer (DST) Moscow summer time (UTC+4)
Climate Cfb
Location of Akhalgori/Leningor town at the map of South Ossetia

Akhalgori (Georgian: ახალგორი) or Leningor (Ossetian: Ленингор) is a town in South Ossetia, partially recognized republic in the South Caucasus, formerly the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast within the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. The name Akhalgori is used by the Georgian government whereas Leningor is the name given to the city in the Soviet era and used by the South Ossetians.


The village of Akhalgori was first mentioned in the 18th century by Prince Vakhushti of Kartli in his work The Geographic Description of Georgia.[3] The name derives from the Georgian words meaning new and hill, mountain.[3]

Before Sovietisation of Georgia in 1921, Akhalgori was the residence of Georgian Noble Eristavi Duce. During the Soviet era it was part of the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast and was called Leningori[3] (Russian: Ленингори; Georgian: ლენინგორი) after Vladimir Lenin. It was renamed Akhalgori by the Georgians at the end of 1990.

Control over the town

The town remained under Georgian jurisdiction after most of South Ossetia broke away from the central government's control during the 1991–1992 South Ossetia War. It came under the control of South Ossetian secessionist authorities as a result of the 2008 South Ossetia War[4] on August 17, 2008.[5] The government of South Ossetia has renamed the town Leningor.[6]

Before the conflict, Akhalgori district had a population of 7,700, with approximately 2,000 living in the town itself. The largest villages were Ikorta, Korinta, Qanchaveti, Kvemo Zakhori, Largvisi, Doretkari, and Karchokhi. The population was primarily Georgian (6,520) and Ossetian (1,110) with good relations between the two communities.[7] Currently Akhalgori as well as South Ossetia are controlled by Russian forces and South Ossetian militia.

Town's position in administrative subdivision makeup

Industry and commerce

Akhalgori is home to the Lomisi brewery, owned by the Turkish company Efes Beverage Group, which is the primary employer of the town.


Eristavi Noble family



  1. Recognised by most UN countries as part of Georgia.
  2. De facto independent partially recognised
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