Airborne gun

Airborne guns are airborne artillery pieces, designed for use by paratroopers. They are generally specific or specialised types of infantry support guns, being in the traditional sense capable of being broken down into smaller loads for transport by aircraft and soldiers, thus also suitable as mountain guns. The historical concept of the "airborne guns" is to some degree outdated, their role being filled by mortars, wire-guided missiles, and/or light anti-tank weapons. As it has been many decades since two industrialized great powers engaged directly in warfare, the concept of the "airborne gun" allowing paratroopers to maintain an airhead against an armored force is in that sense non-functional, but currently, all three of the U.S. Army's howitzers (for example), are air-mobile.

Although the concept of a purpose-built 'airborne gun' is no longer in use, modern artillery, especially if made of titanium or other lightweight materials, can be transported by air. Here is a Sea Stallion lifting an M777.

Airborne Guns Used by Various Nations

historical Germany
Soviet Union / Russia

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