Ahmed Abd al-Karim al-Saadi

Ahmed Abd al-Karim al-Saadi aka Abu Mohjen is a Palestinian who became the leader of Osbat al-Ansar in 1991 after founder Sheik Hisham Shreidi was killed by Fatah rivals.[1] Abu Mohjen is believed to have been behind the transformation of Osbat al-Ansar from a Palestinian-centered militant group into an al-Qaeda supported pan-Islamic organization.[1] Abu Mohjen has been sentenced to death in absentia by Lebanon; however, his sentence was later reduced to 20 years hard labor.[2] After being sentenced by the Lebanese government Abu Mohjen has remained in hiding. It is assumed that his brother Abu Tarek al-Saadi has assumed control of Osbat al-Ansar while Abu Mohjen remains in hiding either in Iraq or in the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh.[1][3]


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