Ahmad Al Abdullah Al Sabah

Ahmad Al Abdullah Al Sabah
Minister of Oil
In office February 2009 May 2011
Predecessor Mohammad Al Olaim
Successor Mohammad Al Busairi
Monarch Sheikh Sabah Al Sabah
Minister of Health
In office 2006 March 2007
Born (1952-09-05) 5 September 1952
House House of Sabah
Religion Islam

Ahmad Al Abdullah Al Sabah (born 5 September 1952) is a Kuwaiti politician and a member of the ruling family, Al Sabah.

Early life and education

Sabah was born on 5 September 1952.[1] He received a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Illinois in 1975.[1]


Sabah worked at the Central Bank of Kuwait from 1978 to 1987.[1] Then he worked at the private finance institutions from 1987 to 1999.[1] During this period he was the chairman of the Burgan Bank SAK.[2] He was appointed minister of finance and also, minister of communication in 1999.[3] Then he served at different ministerial posts. He served as health minister from 2006 to March 2007.[4] In February 2009 he was appointed oil minister, being the fifth minister since 2006.[2] Sabah replaced Mohammad Al Olaim as oil minister who resigned from office in November 2008.[4] Between November 2008 and February 2009 Mohammad Sabah Al Sabah served as acting oil minister.[2] Ahmad Al Sabah's tenure as oil minister ended in May 2011 when Mohammad Al Busairi replaced him in the aforementioned post.[5][6]

Personal life

Sabah is married and has three children.[1]


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