Ahlafors IF

Ahlafors IF
Full name Ahlafors Idrottsförening
Nickname(s) AIF
Founded 1913
Ground Svenska Stenhus Arena 1
Ale Municipality
Chairman Claes Berglund
Head Coach Lars-Gunnar Hermansson
Coach Michel Berndtson Gonzalez
Ola Holmgren
League Division 3 Nordvästra Götaland
2010 Division 3 Nordvästra Götaland, 8th

Ahlafors IF is a Swedish football club located in Nödinge-Nol in Ale Municipality, Västra Götaland County.[1]


Ahlafors Idrottsförening were founded in 1913 and currently have around 800 members. Ahlafors IF manage Furulundsparken, a cosy folk park with a nostalgic feel, where the club arranges many dances and parties. In 2007 the club constructed a brand new miniature golf course, assisted by the former Swedish national golf player, Lars Albinsson.

Since their foundation Ahlafors IF has participated mainly in the middle and lower divisions of the Swedish football league system. The club currently plays in Division 3 Nordvästra Götaland which is the fifth tier of Swedish football.[2] They play their home matches at the Svenska Stenhus Arena 1 (Sjövallen) in Alafors, Nödinge-Nol.[3]

Ahlafors IF are affiliated to Göteborgs Fotbollförbund.[4]

Recent History

In recent seasons Ahlafors IF have competed in the following divisions:

2011 – Division III, Nordvästra Götaland
2010 – Division III, Nordvästra Götaland
2009 – Division II, Västra Götaland
2008 – Division II, Västra Götaland
2007 – Division II, Västra Götaland
2006 – Division III, Nordvästra Götaland
2005 – Division IV, Göteborg A
2004 – Division V, Göteborg A
2003 – Division V, Göteborg A
2002 – Division VI, Göteborg A
2001 – Division V, Göteborg A
2000 – Division VI, Göteborg A
1999 – Division V, Göteborg A [5] [6] [7]


In recent seasons Ahlafors IF have had the following average attendances:

Season Average Attendance Division / Section Level
2005 Not available Div 4 Göteborg A Tier 6
2006 132 Div 3 Nordvästra Götaland Tier 5
2007 205 Div 2 Västra Götaland Tier 4
2008 177 Div 2 Västra Götaland Tier 4
2009 180 Div 2 Västra Götaland Tier 4
2010 106 Div 3 Nordvästra Götaland Tier 5

* Attendances are provided in the Publikliga sections of the Svenska Fotbollförbundet website. [8] [9]


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