Location in Nigeria

Coordinates: 6°20′N 6°53′E / 6.333°N 6.883°E / 6.333; 6.883
Country Nigeria
State Anambra State

Aguleri is a town in Southeastern Nigeria. It is located in the present Anambra State, with a population of about 890,000 2006 census.


As in the Igbo culture, choosing of properties is based on the order of birth. First child is always first to choose things, hence, the setting of villages in Aguleri is based on order of eldership. Hence, Villages in Aguleri:-Igboezunu, Ivite, Enugu na Eziagulu:- homeland (Enuobodo), Igboezunu-otu, Ivite-otu, Eziagulu-out& Enugu-otu:- riverine or Aguleri-otu, located on the lower part of the omambala.

Presently, Aguleri is subdivided into three main quarters: Igboezunu, Ivite, Enugu na Eziagulu(Ugu na adegbe) with component families replicated both in Aguleri Uno and Aguleri Otu. With the effect of colonialism and Christianity, new settlements called Ndi-uka (Mbito)(Christien village)founded by the early Catholic missionaries, Amaeze (Otuocha), founded by Eze Idigo II (Eze Rapheal Anakwuba Idigo), now exists as the urban town of Aguleri. Located on the banks of River Omambala, Igala towns (Kogi state) and Anam towns to the north, Igbariam, Nando towns to the south, Anaku & Omor towns to the east, while Umuleri and Nsugbe towns to the west.

  1. Ndi Ichie (Elders in Council) & cabinet chiefs
  2. Ndi Ojiana.
  3. Other lower age grades.

Ndi Ichie is the highest decision making body of the community.



Igbo land has four days as its week days, - [Eke, Oye, Afo, Nkwo] as against seven days of Babylonian/western week [Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thus. Fri. Sat.] and each day of the week is a major market day that varies from community to community: Eke day is the Otuocha Aguleri[Urban] major/main market day.

The Aguleri soil is very fertile and farmers can cultivate different kinds of food crops both for commercial and self subsistence. Aguleri is known as the food basket of Anambra State.

Babies can be named according to the days of their corresponding birthdays, e.g., Boys names: Nweke or Okeke, Nwaoye or Okoye, Nwafor or Okafor, Nwankwo or Okonkwo and Udenkwo. Girls names: Agbeke or Ekemma, Agboye or Oyenma, Agboafor or Aforma Agbonkwo or Agbonma or Mgbankwo you can also have Ugo in place of Agbo. Ugo means falcon (beauty).


Ovala festival and new yam festival (Alo mmo)

The Ovala festival is a royal festival celebrated on the first Eke market day of the year. It attracts dignitaries from all works of life. Neighboring village heads also come to pay homage to the Igwe of Aguleri on this day.

Alo mmo new yams festival.

Uta Oba is a cultural festival.

Other Aguleri tourism potentials and cultural festivals include: The shrine of Blessed Iwene Tansi- in Igboezunu Aguleri. Ovilivo Spring water (Blessed Tansi water)- people come to fetch from this spring water from all over the world including Europeans and Americans. Ijele Masquerade- listed in UNESCO Archives as Intangible cultural element[9] Ajana-Ukwu and Igu aro festivals at Aguleri. Akwuneche enyi masquerade. Izaga masquerade. Agbanabo Ezu-na-Omambala (Confluence of Ezu and Omambala rivers) at Aguleri. Obu Gad (formerly Obu Ugah) at Enugwu Aguleri. Ini ERI (Eri Grave) at Aguleri. Olili Obibia Eri (Eri Festival) in Enugwu Aguleri attracts thousands of visitors home and abroad annually. Agwuve Trinity Tree at Enugwu Aguleri. Igu-Aro is the major kingship festival in Aguleri.

Prominent indigenes of Aguleri

Institutions of learning

St.james Grammar School Aguleri

Pope John Paul 11 Primary and secondary school Enugwu-Otu should be included in the list of schools in Aguleri

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