Agnes of Rochlitz

Agnes of Rochlitz
Spouse(s) Berthold IV, Duke of Merania
Noble family Wettin
Father Dedi III, Margrave of Lusatia
Mother Matilda of Heinsburg
Died 1195

Agnes of Rochlitz (died 1195) came from the Wettin family and was daughter of Dedi III, Margrave of Lusatia and his wife, Matilda of Heinsburg. She is also known as Agnes of Wettin.

Agnes married Berthold IV, Duke of Merania. From this marriage Agnes gained the titles of Duchess of Merania and Countess of Andechs.

In 1186, Agnes' husband accompanied Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor, to the Kingdom of Sicily. In 1189, he led the third division of the imperial army and was its standard-bearer on the Third Crusade.


Agnes had eight children, among them, three queens:

An unnamed daughter married into the Nemanjic family of Serbia.

Gertrude became Queen of Hungary, but was murdered because she gave Hungarian lands to her relatives. Hedwig was eventually canonized in 1267.


Agnes is a descendent of several women with the same name. One of them was Agnes of Germany, who married Frederick I, Duke of Swabia. Their daughter was Bertha of Swabia. Agnes of Germany was a daughter of Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor and his first wife Bertha of Savoy. Henry's parents were Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor and Agnes of Poitou.

Agnes of Poitou was a daughter of William V, Duke of Aquitaine and his third wife Agnes of Burgundy.


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