Aggtelek National Park

Aggtelek National Park

Stalagmite in Baradla cave in Jósvafő/Aggtelek, Hungary
Location Hungary
Coordinates 48°28′32.628″N 20°29′12.732″E / 48.47573000°N 20.48687000°E / 48.47573000; 20.48687000Coordinates: 48°28′32.628″N 20°29′12.732″E / 48.47573000°N 20.48687000°E / 48.47573000; 20.48687000
Area 198.92 km2 (76.80 sq mi)
Official name: Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst
Type Natural
Criteria viii
Designated 1995
Reference no. 725
State Party  Hungary,  Slovakia
Region Hungary, Slovakia
Location of Aggtelek National Park in Hungary

Aggtelek National Park (Hungarian: Aggteleki Nemzeti Park) is a national park in Northern Hungary, in the Aggtelek Karst region. It was founded in 1985. It contains 198.92 km² (of which 39.22 km² are under increased protection). It has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1995. The largest stalactite cave of Europe is situated in this area: the Baradla cave (26 km long, of which 8 km is in Slovakia, known under the name of Domica).

The first written documentation from the caves can be dated back to 1549. Since 1920 it has been used as a tourist attraction. Several of the caves have different specialities. For example, the Peace Cave has a sanatorium which help treating people suffering from asthma.


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