Agaie Emirate


Location in Nigeria

Coordinates: 9°01′N 6°19′E / 9.017°N 6.317°E / 9.017; 6.317Coordinates: 9°01′N 6°19′E / 9.017°N 6.317°E / 9.017; 6.317
Country  Nigeria
State Niger State

The Agaie Emirate was a state created by Malam Baba, a Fulani warrior who conquered the Nupe people of the area in 1822. Its seat was the present town of Agaie in Niger State, Nigeria, and was subject to the Sokoto Caliphate. Baba's son Abdullahi was inaugurated as the first emir of Agaie in 1832.[1] The Agaie Emirate comprised one part of the old Nupe Kingdom, the others being the Bida Emirate and the Lapai Emirate.[2]

Early rulers

The rulers were of the Etsu dynasty, with inheritance sometimes from father to son, sometimes from one brother to another.[3]

Colonial period rulers

Post independence rulers

After independence, the rulers came increasingly under the control of the civilian or military government.[3]


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