Aeropus II of Macedon

Aeropus II
King of Macedonia

Silver stater of Aeropos II
Reign traditional: 398–395/4 BC
Predecessor Orestes
Dynasty Argead dynasty
Father Archelaus I
Mother unknown
Religion Ancient Greek religion

Aeropus II of Macedon (Greek: Ἀέροπος Βʹ ὁ Μακεδών), king of Macedon, guardian of Orestes, the son of Archelaus, reigned nearly six years from 399 BC.

The first four years of this time he reigned jointly with Orestes, and the remainder alone. He was succeeded by his son Pausanias. (Diod. xiv. 37, 84; Dexippus, ap. Syncell. p. 263, a.; comp. Polyaen. ii. 1. § 17.)

Preceded by
King of Macedon
399–393 BC
Succeeded by

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