Aelon̄ Kein Ad

Aelon̄ Kein Ad ("Our Islands", in Marshallese pronounced [ɑ̯ɑ͡æe̯elʲe͡ɤŋ kɤ͡ei̯inʲ ɑ̯ɑ͡ær̪ʲ]), also called the Kabua Party, is a political party in the Marshall Islands, headed by Imata Kabua. It is apparently a coalition of other parties, including the United People's Party led by former speaker Litokwa Tomeing. The party is led by traditional chiefs, the Iroij. At the last legislative elections, 17 November 2003, no parties participated, though part of the members could be members of either Aelon̄ Kein Ad or the United Democratic Party

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