Aedh mac Ruaidri Ó Conchobair

Aedh mac Ruaidri Ua Conchobair was King of Connacht from 1228 to 1233.

Extracts from the Annals of Connact concerning Aedh:

"Vast war arose between Aed and Toirrdelbach, the two sons of Ruaidri O Conchobair, after the death of Aed mac Cathail Chrodbeirg, for the younger did not yield respect to the elder; so that all Connacht was ruined between them and turned into a continuous desert from Ballysadare southward to the River of the Ui Fiachrach, excepting only a small tract in Sliab Luga and Lucht Artig."

"Richard son of William Burke arrived from England, bringing with him his appointment as Justiciar by the King; and a great assembly was convened by the Galls of Ireland and the Gaels, including the kings and chieftains of Ireland, in Connacht about the two sons of Ruaidri, Toirrdelbach and Aed. Most unfortunate was the decision they came to there, to give the kingship to the younger and to expel the elder, Toirrdelbach son of Ruaidri, though he was irreproachable as regards valour, nobility and generosity. However, all the Connachtmen elected Aed son of Ruaidri in the presence of Galls and Gaels; and when they had reached the assembly he and the men of Connacht made for Carnfree, where he was installed, as was customary with every king who had ruled over Connacht before him."

For the year 1233: "Fedlim son of Cathal Crobderg marched into Connacht and Cormac son of Tomaltach [Mac Diarmata], king of Moylurg, came to meet him and brought him into Moylurg and they encamped at Druim Grecraige—[Fedlim], Cormac and his son Conchobar, the three Tuatha and Donnchad and Muirchertach sons of Muirchertach Mac Diarmata. They all determined to go after Aed mac Ruaidri king of Connacht and the rest of Ruaidri's descendants; and they inflicted on them such a routing and scattering that the kingship and sovranty of the province of Connacht was taken from the seed of Ruaidri on that day. Aed mac Ruaidri king of Connacht, Aed Muimnech mac Ruaidri and his son, Donnchad Mor son of Diarmait mac Ruaidri and many others not here recorded were slain there. For Aed Muimnech had violated the sanctuary of Tibohine and plundered it, and many other churches and sacred buildings had been plundered by them, so that they fell [by the hand of their enemies] to avenge the honour of the saints and churches of Connacht."

Preceded by
Aedh mac Cathal Crobdearg Ua Conchobair
King of Connacht
Succeeded by
Felim mac Cathal Crobderg Ua Conchobair
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