Adriano Tardelli

Adriano Tardelli (1896 - 1 February 1945) was an Italian resistance activist during World War II.

Tardelli was born in Capanne di Careggine. During the Second World War he led dozens of people to safety (Jews, Slavs, Roma, homosexuals, deserters, partisans, members of resistance groups) crossing with a small group at a time over the Gothic Line. While roped together in the darkness, they crossed the well-known Apennine Mountains, where he had been born and later lived with his wife and their nine children.

On 1 February 1945, Tardelli was executed in reprisal by the Fascist Army in Cogna, Piazza al Serchio, Tuscany. He was being held in the jail of Camporgiano when he was singled out for retaliation with five other people, also held for political reasons, under the order of General Carloni.

Before being executed, Tardelli took his shoes off and asked them to be given to the poor.


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