Adramelech: Book of Angels Volume 22

Adramelech: Book of Angels Volume 22
Studio album by Jon Madof's Zion80
Released July 22, 2014
Recorded May 2014 at Orange Studios, NJ and Highland Studios, White Plains, NY
Genre Jazz, Klezmer, Afrobeat
Length 56:22
Label Tzadik TZ 8319
Producer Jon Madof
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Adramelech: Book of Angels Volume 22
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Adramelech: Book of Angels Volume 22
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Adramelech: Book of Angels Volume 22 is the second album by guitarist Jon Madof's Zion80 which was released in 2014 on John Zorn's Tzadik Records as part of the Zorn's Book of Angels Series.[1]


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PopMatters' writer Sean Murphy stated "this is not merely a more-is-more celebration of Zorn with Madof at the helm. Rather, it taps into what is most special—and rewarding—about the Radical Jewish Culture that Zorn has been curating at his Tzadik label: music that spans time (we’re talking centuries) and crosses cultures, yet somehow, in ways that are both delirious and delightful, is totally of the here and now. It’s cutting edge history, made by musicians who know and respect tradition, but are dissatisfied with labels and the limitations of genre. ...There’s nothing not to recommend about this release, it is further evidence that virtually everything Madof touches turns to sonic gold. The album is stellar from start to finish but picks up steam as it goes along."[2]

Track listing

All compositions by John Zorn

  1. "Araziel" - 7:15
  2. "Sheviel" - 5:49
  3. "Metatron" - 9:06
  4. "Shamdan" - 7:17
  5. "Kenunit" - 10:37
  6. "Caila" - 4:22
  7. "Lelahiah" - 6:01
  8. "Nehinah" - 5:56



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