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K.u.k. Adjustation instruction (de: Adjustierungsvorschrift), edition 1912.

Adjustierung (literal: adjustation | AT:[1] [Dienstkleidung], en: service dress) is derived from the German (Austrian) verb adjustieren (AT: [ausrüsten], en: equip[2]) is in Austrian armed forces the generic term to a defined type uniform, as well as the paraphrase to a specific dress and equipment to be worn by military personnel. However, another historical designation to military uniform, e.g. in the Austro-Hungarian Army (1867–1918), was Montur, and in the Prussian Army Montierung.

Today the Austrian Bundesheer discriminates the different kinds of Adjustierung (mil. dress and equipment | adjustation) as follows:

In the German Bundeswehr is Anzugsordnung (en: dress order) the equivalent to the Austrian Adjustierung. Until 1945 the designation Waffenrock was commonly used.

Kinds of military adjustation

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Sources / references

  1. AT – Austria, the English abbreviation to the German „Österreich“, in line to ISO-3166-1.
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