Shown within Romania
Alternate name Acidaua
Location Enoșești, Olt County, Romania
Coordinates 44°22′31″N 24°16′39″E / 44.375411°N 24.277634°E / 44.375411; 24.277634Coordinates: 44°22′31″N 24°16′39″E / 44.375411°N 24.277634°E / 44.375411; 24.277634
Altitude 127 m (417 ft)

Acidava (Acidaua) was a Dacian and later Roman fortress on the Olt river near the lower Danube.[1] The settlements remains are located in today's Enoşeşti, Olt County, Romania.

After the Roman conquest of Dacia by Roman Emperor Trajan, Acidava became a civilian and military center, with castra being built in the area. Acidava was part of the Limes Alutanus, a line of fortifications built under emperor Hadrian running north-south along the Alutus - the Olt river.[2] The function of the limes was to monitor the Roxolani to the east and deter any possible attacks.[3]

Acidava is depicted in the Tabula Peutingeriana between Romula and Rusidava.[4] The same document depicts a second Acidava, between Cedoniae and Apula, but some authors believe it is actually a copy error[5] and the correct name is Sacidava, another Dacian town.

Acidava on the Roman Dacia selection from Tabula Peutingeriana
Acidava within Limes Alutanus - Red line to the left

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