Accademia Musicale Mediterranea

The Accademia Musicale Mediterranea (English: Mediterranean Musical Academy) is a music institute in Rome, Taranto, Martina Franca, Leporano and Fardella, Italy. It was founded by Cosimo Damiano Lanza in 1996 as a national centre for advanced musical studies. It is located in the Palazzo Lanza in Leporano near Taranto. Every year, the Academy organises Piano Master Classes. During the summer months a series of concerts are held un dee the title of Emozioni Concertistiche - Young Pianists Festival. Annually it hosts students from all over Europe and the Orient. Since 2004 it has synergistic collaborations with universities, conservatories and schools: Brigham Young University, USA ; Münchener Musikseminar in Munich, Germany; Conservatory of Gap; France, Conservatorios of S. Javier; Spain, Bocconi University, Milan; the Conservatory " Pedrollo " Vicenza; Conservatory "N. Piccinni ", Bari; International Academy of Arts in Rome, Italy. The director is prof. Cosimo Damiano Lanza and the president is prof. Valter Monteleone .

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